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Our eyes VS. Computer screens

2017/02/26   -Gadgets, How To

Your eyes are very important. So, naturally, you have to protect them. But how can we do that? It’s a computer age, if you don’t use your computer, you can’t do anything! But computer screens are the biggest enemy to ...

Domain Whois Checker Software

2017/02/26   -Gadgets, Tech

Domain Whois Checker is for domain investors. Example: You want to know who is the owner of WhatsYourIdea.com, 1.Input “WhatsYourIdea.com” 2.Click on “Check” 3.You’ve got all the information you need! Ok, here is the link to download this software,it's free! ...


2017/02/24   -Gadgets, Internet, News, Tech

1.我爸爸以前在一些网站上查询域名的whois,经常发现,没几天,这些域名就被注册了,一些甚至就被这些查询网站的主人注册了。 编这个软件用了3天左右,大多数时间用在界面的设计,用户习惯的研究上了。 今天终于完成。保证没有木马,保证没有记录用户的查询。 2.考虑到用户有两种: 1是域名投资者  2是对域名不懂的网友 针对这两种不同的用户,我做了以下两个版本,这两个版本,功能完全一样,只是语言表述不一样。 一个叫:域名追踪神器(这个是给域名投资家用的) 下载地址是:http://www.whatsyouridea.com/downloads/websitetools/domain_whois_checker-setup_cn.exe 另一个叫:站长追踪神器(这个是给不了解域名真相的网民用的,目的是为了普及域名的概念,让更多的普通人了解域名,参与域名的投资。) 下载地址是:http://www.whatsyouridea.com/downloads/websitetools/website_owner_checker-setup_cn.exe 3.查询出来的结果,可以加入到关注,这样做的目的,是为了避免第二次查询,避免多次查询, 为什么要尽量避免多次查询呢? 因为多次查询同一个域名后,很可能引起域名主人的注意警惕,从而抬价。 (有些域名所有者可能在什么地方购买了服务,能知道自己的域名被查询了几次。) 4. 如果出现不能运行的情况,一般只要安装好.NET Framework就可以了, 请访问http://dotnetsocial.cloudapp.net/GetDotnet?rClrVer=v4.0进行.NET Framework的安装, 宽带的话,几分钟就完成了。

First and my new software! "Website Owner Checker"

2017/02/23   -Gadgets, How To, News, Others, Tech

You visit a website, and you fall in love with the webmaster. And you want to contact him/her. But you don’t know how. I made this great tool to help you. Just type the website address, and click “Find the ...


Think your asset is secure? Definitely not

2017/02/19   -Gadgets, IoT, Tech

Many of us think our cars, computers, and medical equipment is secure. But actually, it’s not. Today, I am going to show you some experiments that will show you that your asset is not secure. And it is also very fun. ...