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URLChecker NEW
Released On: January 2018
URLChecker helps you identify Phishing and Scam Websites. Just with some simple Copy & Paste, you can get information on any URL that you think is suspicious.
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Released On: April 2017
A simple and easy-to-use search engine. It also has a bot that crawls the internet for new websites.

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Released On: October 2016
A tool for calculating Root and Exponentiation in math. It uses an algorithm that I found for doing root and is very useful in math and science and other studies.


Rocket Go!
Released On: September 2017
In this game, you will be driving in the Space Park. Its super fun to drive, but you have to be careful of the trees. (How To Play: Press “J” to go up)


Color Crash
Released On: September 2016
In this game, you will be moving color blocks. If 3 color blocks line up (either vertically or horizontally), you will get 3 points. If you are lucky, you will get way more points than just 3.


Released On: April 2017
ExpoT is a web exponentiation calculator. Try putting different numbers in it, it’s super fun to see how fast numbers will grow when doing exponential calculations.

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