Jobs that can win robots


Second important thing of our lives is finding a job. But now, many jobs can be replaced by robots. So what kind of jobs are harder to be replaced? Today, I am going to talk about some jobs that are harder to be replaced.

  1. Lawyers
    Lawyers and other similar jobs use logic and emotions. They are harder to replace because robots are not emotional. And also, they have a difficult time making speeches and speaking it out. In contrast, humans are good at making speeches and speaking it out.
  2. Bosses
    Bosses, in a sense are leaders of robots. So, they are harder to be replaced.
  3. Programmers
    Programmers make robots, so they kind of control these robots. Robots cannot replace programmers because they are there masters. Another thing is that programmers are flexible. In contrast, robots are not flexible. Flexible software run faster than those that are not. This is another reason.