Think your asset is secure? Definitely not


Many of us think our cars, computers, and medical equipment is secure. But actually, it’s not. Today, I am going to show you some experiments that will show you that your asset is not secure. And it is also very fun. Enjoy!

1. Controlling a super car.

We all want a great car. Here is an example of that. A car with AM/FM/XM radios, plus Bluetooth and Networking and even GPS, plus an auto key to open the door of the car and start the engine. If I say I will give you a car like this for free, would you take it? Many people will say yes. But what if I told you that attackers can control your car without even touching it? In that case, everyone will say a big NO. An attacker only needs to follow you to control your car. And that attacker can make your car show your are driving at 120km/h when your car is stopped; turn on your front or your back light, and many more. It uses that car’s weaknesses to control it.

2. Pacemaker stopped

Some people use pacemakers. But did you know, that some brand of pacemakers can be cracked? Actually, it can be. A group of researchers in computer science tried to find the weaknesses of a pacemaker to control it. And they did it! Then can stop the pacemaker! (Only a few brands)